Monday 6 October 2014

Japan Embattled: A Nation in Transition

We begin this academic year in anticipation for INDePth’s exploration of Japan for our 2015 conference. Our provoking theme for next year titled “Japan Embattled: A Nation in Transition”, encourages students across all areas of study to immerse themselves in an interactive experience as we engage in the unfolding of political and economic aspects of contemporary Japan. 

The conference hopes to delve in a productive and reductive discussion of the obstacles and challenges the Japanese society faces, particularly in context of their developmental achievements and ambitions. Our presidents of the conference rally interest with the hopes of ‘tying the local to the regional, and the regional to the global’, intending ‘that delegates will feel free to participate in a multidisciplinary discussion on issues which can be of great use in studying various facets of global affairs.’

INDePth Conference 2015’s enthusiastic executive team is hard at work, in collaboration with the support of a myriad of groups and communities within  University of Toronto, to keep the spirit of the conference present throughout the months leading up to the much anticipated event. Therefore, we invite you to be a part of this exciting process by staying connected and reaching out if you would like to get involved with the conference in any way. 

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